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COVID-19 Friendly! A Gyoza Store With No Staff?! ‘Yukimatsu Gyoza’

‘Yukimatsu Gyoza’ is a gyoza place with no staff! It follows a trust system, where you put a 1000 yen note in a designated box and walk away with your gyoza! One gyoza pack comes with a whopping 18 gyoza! For 1000 yen, that equates to less than 6 yen per gyoza! How To Buy […]


Yume no Naka e – A great mom & pop spaghetti restaurant

Ever have one of those days when you wake up a little late, there’s nothing at home to eat and you’re craving some carbs? I have a lot of those and to satisfy my cravings I usually go to Yume no naka e (Into The Dream) Yume no naka e is located next to the Joyland […]


Speak EZ – Numazu’s Favourite International Bar!

Speak EZ Numazu Wanna head into a friendly bar for a couple of frosty beers, cocktails, or some other drink of your choice? Numazu presents you with SPEAK EZ, a bar where locals and foreigners gather round to hang out after a busy day at work or in the evening after an eventful day on […]


The Best Thai on the South side – “In Aroi”

In Aroi Thai Restaurant Are you on the south side of Numazu station and in the mood for some authentic Thai food? Well In Aroi’s cooks are Thai and put their special recipe secrets into action with their food and in a heck of a lot of style for that matter. (See the coconut ice […]


Annyeonghaseyo (안녕하세요) (Homemade Korean Food!)

  Being a Korean-Canadian living in Japan, I sometimes get cravings for Korean food – especially the way my mom cooks it. Living in Numazu, there are actually quite a few choices for Korean restaurants in the general vicinity of Numazu station (At least five last time I counted). My favourite amongst all of them […]


“GREEDY” (Tacos on the South Side)

A ten minute walk from Numazu Station’s South Exit, on “Arcade Meitengai” street , you find a restaurant/store called GREEDY. GREEDY is a specialty shop that deals in authentic tacos and imported goods.   GREEDY’s owner, Mr. Ono, has traveled as an import buyer to various places, one of which is Los Angeles. It was in […]


San Diego

For all those on the hunt for Thai or Indonesian food, or simply a great new surfboard- San Diego is where it’s at! Being just an 8 minute walk from Numazu station south exit, it’s also very easy to access. San Diego is a restaurant, cafe, bar, surf shop and museum all in one with […]


Hayama Coffee

Looking for a cosy cafe that has WIFI, freshly ground coffee and is close to Numazu station? Well, Hayama Coffee is exactly the place you’ve been searching for. I was impressed from the moment I stepped into Hayama Coffee because of the great big smiles of the staff members welcoming me into the place. The place […]


Numazu-ish Burger | Antique Door

  Calling all burger lovers! Allow us to introduce you to the “Numazu-ish Burger” in Ooka Numazu. Numazu-ish Burger started from casual meetings for people who wanted to start their own business. The meetings quickly found a focus: to develop a burger that was unique and Numazu-ish in every way. All ingredients are selected and made in Numazu, truly making […]


Hanamura’s Big Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet)

Let me introduce you to one of the tastiest Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) places in Numazu. 「花むら Hanamura」 Hanamura is aTonkatsu & curry restaurant in Shinnakamise in Numazu and is run by the meat shop with the same name, located in Hiramachi. There is quite a selection of delicious Tonkatsu & Curry dishes to choose from, […]