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We’re Numazu-life, an informative site that aspires to act as a bridge between Numazu and it’s visitors.

Cheryl Sakurai: Co-founder & Senior Editor


  • Community Event Coordinator
  • English and Dance Instructor
  • Investor in People

Cheryl is half Australian, half Filipino and was born and raised in Australia.
She has been living in Numazu since 2013 and loves the city dearly.
She uses Numazu Life as a means to inform people about the city she calls home.
Cheryl founded LENZU (Language Exchange Numazu, 2015) to
encourage international relations and language practice,
and continues to hold many events in the community.
More about Cheryl

Cheryl’s homepage:




Nana Koizumi: Co-founder & Senior Editor

  • Dancer/ Dance Instructor
  • Event Organizer
  • Social Media Manager

Nana was born and raised in Numazu.
She left Numazu and went to college in Tokyo.
While working in Tokyo, she was a System Engineer by day
and Dance instructor by night.
She resigned from her job and moved back to her hometown of Numazu
at the end of 2016.
She now teaches Afro & latin dances such as Brazilian Zouk/Salsa/Kizomba
to a variety of ages in both the Yokohama/Tokyo and Numazu areas.
Nana is currently working on opening a dance studio/culture centre in Numazu.

She loves dancing and eating 🙂


Nana’s dance school website:

Dance School COLORIDO





Andy Warfield: Senior Reporter & Photographer
Andy Warfield was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan.
He is half Japanese and half American.
He attended St. Mary’s International School and studied history and professional
education at Bemidji State University in his home state of Minnesota.
Andy moved to Numazu four years ago and loves living in the area.
He has taught English at Kato Gakuen, Shimizu Junior High School, and Susono
Nishi Junior High School. His passion is music, photography, and connecting with people.
He wants to bring people of different backgrounds together and establish a solid international community.





Coleman Laguzza: Senior Japanese to English Translator

Coleman joined our team on a volunteer-basis in March 2017
and is our Senior Japanese to English Translator.
When he’s not teaching English, Coleman really enjoys cooking,
reading, studying, watching movies, and,
if time permits, playing video games. He is also a big fan of fitness.









WH Park: Senior Writer

  • Contributor

WH was born in South Korea but moved to Toronto, Canada at the age of 3 with his family.
He studied cultural anthropology at York University where he also was a film critic and music programmer at the campus/community radio staiton, CHRY.
He’s been living in Numazu since 2011 where he’s taught English and explored places to eat.
His interests include comic books, films, music, taking photos and pro wrestling.






Junko Cameron: Senior English to Japanese translator


  • Contributor

Junko was born and raised in Numazu. She currently lives in Bristol, UK.
She studied English Education for Children at University in Chiba. While she was at Uni, she studied abroad in Toronto, Canada for half a year. After graduating university, she went to Sydney and Perth, Australia on a working holiday for a year.
Although she moved to the UK in July, 2017, Numazu will always be her home at heart. She hopes that her home town, Numazu, will make people happy and become a great home for newcomers.
She loves to travel, eat, drink and experience new things.





Phil Tester: Senior Writer


  • Contributor


Phil is a born and bread Australian who has been living in Japan for the last few years. You can find him baking sweet treats when he’s not teaching English or trying new things.
Phil studied ecology and sustainability at university and spends a great deal of time hiking and exploring the Izu peninsula.
His dream is to create a Bakery school where people can learn how to make international baked goods!
Phil’s interests include; hiking, building things, sampling finely crafted beer and playing music.





Yukari Maruo : Senior English to Japanese translator


She is a nurse who was born and raised in Numazu.
Sher started studying English again when she started working as a nurse.
She went to Adelaide, Australia for two years to study English and nursing.
She hopes to introduce people that come through Numazu to as many amazing places as possible.
She loves a challenge, and is passionate about trying new things.
She is currently trying her hand at salsa dancing in Numazu.