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This website was made to act as a GATEWAY for information about exciting things to do in Numazu city,

as well as its neighbouring areas such as Izu,Hakone and Shizuoka!


We seek to bring you EXCITEMENT and ADVENTURE to your everyday life here.

Choose to join us as we dive into something exciting and new,

and stay up-to-date with our unique adventures to be had,

memorable events that you’ll be so glad you didn’t miss and so much more



A word from numazu-life’s creator’s:


Cheryl Sakurai

・When I first came to Numazu at the age of 22, I couldn’t really find any up-to-date information or websites about the city.

・I had no way of connecting with local people, let alone finding information on neat little places to hit up around the city to give my life here more excitement.

・As a 22 year old living alone, I really craved that connection and sense of adventure!

・I didn’t want anyone else to experience the kind of struggle that I did, so after 4 years of getting out there and connecting with all sorts of groups in the community, I decided to make this website and share my knowledge and experience.

・I wanted to give everyone the essential information they needed when visiting or moving to Numazu and be there “gateway” to new experiences.




Nana Koizumi

Ever since she was a young girl, Nana Koizumi, influenced by her mother, has been attending and participating in international culture events. For about 14 years, Nana spent her time between Tokyo and Yokohama. In 2017, she decided to make a U-turn and head back to Numazu. After coming back, she was shocked by how little information there was on the internet about shops and events in her area. Only a few shops had websites of their own, and when it came to websites with up-to-date English information, there were practically none.  Nana wanted to change this, and show all of the good things about Numazau to people everywhere. With the hopes of letting people experience different customs, cultures, and values as she did at the international culture festivals of her youth,  She hopes that it will act as a bridge that will connect both foreign and native residents of Numazu, as well tourists, to all the things that make Numazu great.




About all Zu-life members, Please also check this page



***If this website is helpful to you in any way, please share with friends and help make this dream a reality. With the help of your support, we can reach more people who are in need of the kind of connection we want to bring.We welcome any comments or suggestions you may have, so please feel free to contact us at zulife.info@gmail.com