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Phil is a born and bread Australian who has been living in Japan for the last few years, Phil is mostly found teaching English or baking sweet treats. Phil studied ecology and sustainability at university and spends a great deal of time hiking and exploring the Izu peninsula. Phils dream is to create a Bakery school where people can learn how to make many international baked goods!


The articles which is written by Phil

Everyone Climbs Mt Fuji.. but Ashitaka is Where the Views are at!

Let’s face it – almost everyone who visits Shizuoka prefecture rushes to make the pilgrimage to climb Mt. Fuji. And while the sunrise from the top on a clear morning is truly something to behold, there is one point that people often overlook when they decide to climb it: many don’t realise that they won’t get the opportunity to truly appreciate the sheer outstanding beauty of […]