About Nana

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  • Dancer/ Dance Instructor
  • Event Organizer
  • Social Media Manager

Nana was born and raised in Numazu.
She left Numazu and went to college in Tokyo.
While working in Tokyo, she was a System Engineer by day
and Dance instructor by night.
She resigned from her job and moved back to her hometown of Numazu
at the end of 2016.
She now teaches Afro & latin dances such as Brazilian Zouk/Salsa/Kizomba
to a variety of ages in both the Yokohama/Tokyo and Numazu areas.
Nana is presently working on opening a dance studio/culture centre in Numazu.

She loves dancing and eating 🙂


Nana’s dance school website:

Dance School COLORIDO  http://coloridodance.com/


The articles which is written/Editted by Nana



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