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【シェリー Cheryl】
・My Life Goal = To make a positive impact on each and every person I meet.・My Dream = To make the dreams of others a reality.I want to give people the opportunity to transform their dreams into a reality by connecting them with those who can aid them in their quest for success. I currently do this through hosting exciting events and directly connecting them with people I personally trust and believe will be of great help to them.・In a nutshell?I hope to provide people with an opportunity to create positive change in their lives and continuous growth so that every morning they wake up feeling excited and driven.What I LOVE:Discovering and informing the community of exciting adventures and activities that exist in Numazu & the surrounding area through this website and other avenues.
Teaching English and Japanese that people can actually use in their every day life, starting today.
Connecting people from countries all over the world, here in Numazu
Supporting those seeking to become entrepreneurs as well as small businesses, restaurants and cafes that are already in existence – particularly those that offer unique services
Teaching dance that will relieve stress, help people form deeper connections with each other and give them an avenue for expressing their true selves – no mask and no walls.


The articles which is written/Edited by Cheryl


“GREEDY” (Tacos on the South Side)

This post is also available in: 日本語 (Japanese)A ten minute walk from Numazu Station’s South Exit, on “Arcade Meitengai” street , you find a restaurant/store called GREEDY. GREEDY is a specialty shop that deals in authentic tacos and imported goods.   GREEDY’s owner, Mr. Ono, has traveled as an import buyer to various places, one of […]