Bilingual Dance Classes

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Dance Classes:

Hawaiian Hula Dance Class:

Class Days: Wednesdays. *Every Wednesday except for the last Wednesday of every month.

Time:  8:15 P.M to 9:15 P.M


Choreography Dance Class:

Class Days:   Every first Friday of the month.

Time:  8:15 P.M to 9:45 P.M


K-Pop Dance Class:

Classes will start in 2021. Please contact Cheryl Sakurai directly for more details.


Dance Schedule:

Please contact Cheryl Sakurai to be notified of this month’s class schedule.

Phone:     080-4221-7755

About Cheryl

Cheryl is half Australian, half Filipino and was born and raised in Australia. She has been living in Numazu since 2013. She has seen what kind of amazing experiences the city of Numazu and its surrounding areas have to offer and wants to use this website as a means to inform more people about how and where to access these experiences. Cheryl founded LENZU (Language Exchange Numazu) in 2015 to encourage international relations and language practice, and continues to hold many other events in the community in addition to teaching English and Dance to all ages. More about Cheryl

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