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Looking for a cute, one-of-a-kind gift for your family, friends or even yourself? This adorable shiba-ken puppy doesn’t bite, but he might nibble on your geta if you visit ‘Timeless Tender’ in them!

You’ve seen the sights, eaten the delicious local foods and now you’re ready to bring back a taste of your time in Numazu, Japan.

Give your family and friends something unique to Numazu, Japan. 

Located in the building directly next to Numazu station south exit, you can be in and out with your souvenirs and jumping on your train in no time!

They have everything from hand-crafted ‘geta’ (sandals worn with yukata or kimono)  to animal-themed goods that are not only adorable, but can be used on a daily basis. 

Handmade Japanese ‘Geta’. Worn with ‘yukata’ or ‘kimono’ for special events such as festivals and other occasions.

Animal lovers! Come one come all! Check out some of these animal-themed goods we absolutely loved:

Sometimes it’s just too hard to choose between cats and dogs! When in doubt, go with an item that has both!



Bunny lovers have plenty to jump around about!

For those who think cats are the ultimate fashion statement! I mean hello, they walk around like they’re on the catwalk every day! 😛


A few unique items that caught our eyes were:

  • The Japanese Retro Flower Business-card Holders and Train Pass Holders

  • The gorgeous Mt. Fuji glass cups and utensil sets

  • The huge variety of Japanese ‘tenugui’ (thin cotton cloth). These aren’t just any old cloths, they can be used on a daily basis in so many different ways.

Just a fraction of their huge selection of ‘tenugui’. The styles on offer change according to the seasons so there’s always something to look forward to!

          A few key ways you can utilize ‘tenugui’ are:

  • For book covers
  • For interior decoration (some designs are so gorgeous you can frame them and hang them on display)
  • For presenting wrapping
  • For use as a washcloth

They have plenty of uniquely themed ones, including Mt. Fuji, cats, rabbits, owls and seasons (such as autumn leaves and cherry blossoms) among many!

Who would love this shop?

Animal lovers, and people who love to acquire items that are unique and useful. 


Timeless Tender Shop Information

Address: 1-1-6 Otemachi, Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-0801

Google Maps: Click HERE

Phone: 055-951-3338

Business hours: 10 a.m – 8 p.m

Shop holidays: Same as the Iira-de building (イーラde).

Official Homepage: None

About Cheryl

Cheryl is half Australian, half Filipino and was born and raised in Australia. She has been living in Numazu since 2013. She has seen what kind of amazing experiences the city of Numazu and its surrounding areas have to offer and wants to use this website as a means to inform more people about how and where to access these experiences. Cheryl founded LENZU (Language Exchange Numazu) in 2015 to encourage international relations and language practice, and continues to hold many other events in the community in addition to teaching English and Dance to all ages. More about Cheryl http://numazu-life.com/about-cheryl/

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