Build-your-own Japanese Model Building at “Kimura Doll House”

Do you jump at the chance to build something from scratch? Well at Kimura Doll House they don’t just offer doll houses, they give you the chance to build your very own traditional Japanese model building!

There is a huge variety of traditional architectural models to choose from: old-school Japanese takoyaki stalls, post offices, police stations and candy stores are just some of the many on offer.


The sheer amount of detail put into all the designs and pieces of the model buildings is absolutely phenomenal. 

For those that would rather buy a pre-built model and enjoy it as a souvenir for themselves or a family or friend back home, the store has many of those available on display ready and waiting to be transported to a new home!

Shop Info

Distance from Numazu station: 5 min walk

Google Map Link: click HERE

Address: 5-7-14 Ōtemachi, Numazu, Shizuoka

Phone: 055-962-8810

Business hours: 10 a.m to 6 p.m

Shop holidays: Every Wednesday

Homepage: click HERE

Facebook Page: click HERE

Payment methods available: Cash or credit card.

About Cheryl

Cheryl is half Australian, half Filipino and was born and raised in Australia. She has been living in Numazu since 2013. She has seen what kind of amazing experiences the city of Numazu and its surrounding areas have to offer and wants to use this website as a means to inform more people about how and where to access these experiences. Cheryl founded LENZU (Language Exchange Numazu) in 2015 to encourage international relations and language practice, and continues to hold many other events in the community in addition to teaching English and Dance to all ages. More about Cheryl

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