“GREEDY” (Tacos on the South Side)

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A ten minute walk from Numazu Station’s South Exit, on “Arcade Meitengai” street , you find a restaurant/store called GREEDY.

GREEDY is a specialty shop that deals in authentic tacos and imported goods.



GREEDY’s owner, Mr. Ono, has traveled as an import buyer to various places, one of which is Los Angeles. It was in L.A. that he came across authentic tacos. The taste was beyond any he had eaten in Japan and this experience had quite the effect on him. With the goal of delivering authentic flavor, Mr. Ono started GREEDY’s menu with soft shell tacos, and has added other delicious dishes, such as Garlic Steak Rice Bowls and Taco Rice.

The tacos, steak, and chicken are all made fresh to order.

With light, yet deep flavors accented by hints of cilantro and lime, the food leaves you feeling refreshed and satisfied.



Steak Tacos: 800 yen


Chicken Tacos: 600 yen



Taco Rice: From 780 yen


Garlic Steak Rice: 1280 yen


There is a full drink menu to choose from when you are in the mood for a nice cold drink after a hard day’s work.



Stocked with a wide range of imported goods, the shop has a chic feel.

img_7970 img_7969 img_7966





Read on to see Mr. Ono’s answers to our exclusive interview!


[Meeting American Street Culture]

When Mr. Ono was 13 years old, he was exposed to Hip Hop and has since been attracted to American Street Culture. At first it was simply a visual attraction to the style and coolness of the culture, but as he grew older, Mr. Ono began researching the meaning behind the lyrics of the music. Through his efforts he learned about Snoop Dogg, 2 Pac, and other Death Row* artists and the meaning behind their music, thus expanding and deepening his interest in American West Coast Culture, fashion, and music.

*Death Row Records



The shop’s interior is decorated with goods that Mr. Ono hopes will spark their interest in American Hip Hop Culture.


[Business Trips to L.A.]

After working as an import buyer for a number of years at a shop in Numazu, Mr. Ono was selected for more premium jobs by his company’s president. Soon after he started working these new jobs, he was selected to travel to L.A., where he was able to see authentic Hip Hop culture for the first time. It moved him. For the past 10 years Mr. Ono has been taking care of his shop, and makes a point to travel to America every year to purchase stock for his store.



When he was just over the age of 30, Mr. Ono remembered what it was he wanted to do in life, and that was to only do what he enjoyed. He wanted a place where musicians and music-lovers alike could gather and a place where street culture could be expressed and displayed. Thus, his Import Selection and Taco Shop was born.

There wasn’t a store in Japan that sold authentic tacos, so Mr. Ono took it upon himself to build one. He made an agreement with the town, and renovated an old bento shop.

Nobody in the area quite understood the point of an apparel and food shop, but Mr. Ono had faith in himself and his dream, and continued on with his store. It’s now in its third year of business and is continuing to grow.


[TransmittingsStreet Culture]

Mr. Ono also owns a music label, its office is located on the second floor of GREEDY. It’s only here that you can find original Hip Hop, R&B CDs, and mixes made by local Shizuoka artists.

Mr. Ono also organizes and sponsors club events. He even has a DJ booth inside of his store which he lets his customers use, so that they can listen to the music they enjoy the most.

Likeiod Music Works




The shop’s name can stand for both gluttony and avarice. There’s alcohol, tacos, western clothing, and music. It’s a shop that can’t be put into a genre, a shop that only Mr. Ono could make.

Though many of his customers are busy with jobs and families, they always find time to come to the store. As a thank you, Mr. Ono makes them tacos, “I treat each customer as if they were a guest at my own home.”

Mr. Ono has decided that until he is 40, he will only do what he wants to do. Unable to pin him down under a generalization or personality, there really is nobody like Mr. Ono. People who come to GREEDY for it’s atmosphere and events can’t take their eyes off of him.

Writer’s Comments:

“We’ve got Western Clothes so we don’t look like any normal taco shop…There’s also usually a bunch of low riders parked outside, so your typical customer may be a little afraid to stop in…” Mr. Ono said with a laugh.

I have to admit I was also a bit scared when I first saw the place (laughs), but Mr. Ono was just so nice. I really recommend that everybody come and try his amazing tacos at least once.


GREEDY Information
10 minute walk from Numazu station
Google Mapを表示
Address:49 Machikatacho Numazu Shizuoka
Phone: 055-963-5511
Business hours : 12:00pm to 9:00pm
Shop holidays:Wednesday
Wifi : Yes
Website: https://www.instagram.com/greedy_tacos57/


Written by Nana

Translated by Coleman

Edited by Cheryl

About Nana

Nana was born and raised in Numazu. She left Numazu and went to college in Tokyo. While working in Tokyo, she was a System Engineer by day and Dance instructor by night. She resigned from her job and moved back to her hometown of Numazu at the end of 2016. She now teaches Afro & latin dances such as Brazilian Zouk/Salsa/Kizomba to a variety of ages in both the Yokohama/Tokyo and Numazu areas. Nana is presently working on opening a dance studio/culture centre in Numazu. She loves dancing and eating :)

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