Hayama Coffee

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Looking for a cosy cafe that has WIFI, freshly ground coffee and is close to Numazu station?

Well, Hayama Coffee is exactly the place you’ve been searching for.

I was impressed from the moment I stepped into Hayama Coffee because of the great big smiles of the staff members welcoming me into the place.

The place is stylish and comfortable; making it all too easy to forget about time and get into whatever headspace you need to be in – be it studying, relaxing or a focused discussion with a friend or colleague.


Foods we LOVE: 

  • “Honjitsu no hambaagu” (Today’s hamburger patty rice set)
  • “Beef Schuu” (Beef Stew set)


Drinks we LOVE:

  • Ice Macha Latte
  • Mixed Juice
  • Practically any of their freshly-brewed coffees!


Desserts we LOVE:

  • Practically all of their daily variety of cakes!


Our Tips: 

  • If you’d like some quiet time either on your own or with a friend, we recommend you hit up this cafe on a weeknight. This cafe is very popular on the weekends, so if you’d like to come on a Saturday or Sunday, come a little earlier than scheduled to grab a seat.
  • For those that don’t speak much Japanese: point to the photos or name of the item you want and say “kore wo hitotsu” (I’ll have one of these please). Repeat this for all of the items you want.


English menu?

All drinks have English translations. Some foods have translations, others don’t.

Photos of menu items available.


Features we LOVE:

  • Their stylish, relaxing interior. It makes you feel right at home.
  • High quality freshly ground coffee
  • Delicious reasonably priced meals

Perfect place for:

  • Dates
  • Meeting friends
  • Studying
  • Big groups of people (only in the evenings)
  • Breakfast (open from 7 a.m!)


Cafe Info

Distance from Numazu station: Just 3 mins walk

Google Map Link: Click HERE

Address:3-3-8 Ootemachi  Numazu Shizuoka

Phone: 0

Business hours: 7:00 a.m to 9:00 p.m

Holidays:N/A. Open year-round.

Reservations: Not possible. Not too busy though, so just rock up.

Average Pricing: 500 – 1200 yen.

Official Homepage: Click HERE

Facebook Page: Click HERE

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