Salsa Free Style Night in Numazu ~ Salsa x Sushi = Happy ~

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“Furisuta” is coming to Numazu!!!!

What on earth is “Furisuta..??”
Well Furisuta is a unique salsa party held on every 3rd Sunday in Ginza Las Risas Tokyo that is not like your usual salsa party at all. It’s crazy, it’s weird and it’s memorable for all the right (and strange) reasons and has a huge fan following!
This party will be led by Mac, a leading salsa instructor from Tokyo.

Nana Koizumi has been assisting this event for years and just moved back to her hometown Numazu. She found herself crying after realising she couldn’t enjoy Furisuta parties anymore, so she decided to bring it to Numazu!!!!


Since this is our first time to organize Furisuta in Numazu, we invited the original organizer Mac as a guest instructor and other Furisuta related performers to help make this party start out with a bang and give you the REAL Furisuta experience!


For the people who STILL have no idea what Furista is, just come join us and experience it for yourself and then you’ll know why it’s gained so much popularity in Tokyo!


28th of January (Saturday)


Space Able Core (3mins from Numazu station south exit)
〒410-0822 Able Core Building 8F
3-1-2 Otemachi Numazushi Shizuoka

VIDEO on HOW TO GET THERE from Numazu station, south exit:


★Time Schedule
‪13:50 ~ Open‬‬
‪14:00 ~ 15:00 Rumba Lesson by Mac‬‬
‪15:10 ~ 16:10 Salsa lesson by Mac(Cuban style based free style Salsa)‬‬
<<Salsa Free Style Night>>
‪16:30 ~ 17:15‬ Free Salsa lesson for beginners by Nana‬
‪17:15 ‬~ DJ Time & Sushi Time‬
‪18:00 Best Numazu Sushi Contest‬‬
‪19:00 ~ 19:15 Rueda Time(Furists Numazu special)‬‬
‪20:15 ~ Performance Time ‬‬
‪20:30 ~ 21:30 DJ Time‬‬
‪22:00 ~ Close‬‬


【Early-Bird】!!!1000yen discount!!!
To receive the early-bird discount:
>>> RSVP AND click “going” by January 21! See “How to RSVP” below!

1 Workshop 2000yen
2 workshop 2500yen
1 Workshop + Party 3000yen
2 workshop + Party 3500yen **Highly recommended
Salsa Free Style Night Party Only : 2500 yen

【Regular Fee】
1 Workshop 3000yen
2 workshop 3500yen
1 Workshop + Party 4000yen
2 workshops + Party 4500yen
Salsa Free Style Night Party Only : 3500 yen

Walk-in on the day is possible but we will need to prepare the ingredients for the dinner party so RSVPs must be in by January 25th or we can’t guarantee there’ll be enough food for you.


★How to RSVP:
Please send us email to
or message us on zu-life FB page.

Subject (in the case of email): Free Style Night RSVP
・Your name
・total number of people in your group
・what events you will attend (workshop 1, 2, salsa party, all etc.)
・If you can do a performance (song, dance etc.) for everyone, what kind of performance and how long? We will need to work performances into the program so this will need to be discussed when we reply to you.


★What to bring?
Drinks: **Please bring your own drink. This can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

**Please bring separate INSIDE shoes for use inside of the building **If you wear dance shoes with heels,Please make sure you have heel covers.


★Freestyle Salsa Sushi Party:
Salsa + Sushi = Happiness


<<What is Furisuta?? (Salsa Free Style Night)>>
Furista is not only bound to different styles of salsa but also incorporates any kind of dance.

Sometimes we have performers from other kinds of dance such as hiphop, belly dance and even Ota-Gei (Japanese Otaku dance ), stand-up comedy shows…and more!
Unlike other salsa parties, sometimes we have silly workshops like how to hold your breath longer (it was for before our summer tour so that we can enjoy diving more) or muscle night, takoyaki party and etc…

So the activities and performances in Furista are completely up to you and the party hosts!!!
Please come join us and let’s create a fun & crazy party together!!!


<<Sushi Night!!>>
This time, we will do temaki-zushi together. Let’s enjoy Numazu’s fresh sushi together!!!
We will prepare basic Sushi ingredients but please also BRING YOUR OWN unique Sushi fillers (e.g. cheese, vegemite, peanut butter or whatever weird ingredient you love)
We will have a “Best Numazu Roll” contest ;)!
So get your creativity rolling~! haha Did you get our dad joke? 😛

*We will be very careful with hygiene management, but please know that we cannot be held responsible for any health issues or sicknesses that arise from food served at our event as they will all be purchased from multiple sources.

More on Freestyle Salsa:
「What is Freestyle Salsa?」
Regardless of your salsa style (on1, on2, cuban) , you can dance with anyone smoothly, nicely, fun and it looks cool!
Mac teaches Cuban style-based freestyle salsa in Tokyo and many other places.
He will teach you how to dance like latinos (latinas), which means he will teach you to respect the musicality, play with Latin rhythms and be able to dance with anyone!!
In Mac’s free style lesson , you will learn the foundation of Cuban style salsa and he will add other style salsa techniques as well.
 Also he is good at explaining the difference between the salsa styles and also gives tips on how to dance well with dancers who dance different styles to what you know.
*** Even though this party is a crazy, strange party, his lesson is quite serious and very technical so you will learn a lot !!!

About Nana

Nana was born and raised in Numazu. She left Numazu and went to college in Tokyo. While working in Tokyo, she was a System Engineer by day and Dance instructor by night. She resigned from her job and moved back to her hometown of Numazu at the end of 2016. She now teaches Afro & latin dances such as Brazilian Zouk/Salsa/Kizomba to a variety of ages in both the Yokohama/Tokyo and Numazu areas. Nana is presently working on opening a dance studio/culture centre in Numazu. She loves dancing and eating :)

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